create experiences

Create tailored, location-based experiences with Open Locast's web and Android applications.

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Visualize content

Explore and interact with user mapped content through a rich web interface.

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No Data-Plan required

Map videos and photos using Android devices, even in places with limited or no network connectivity.

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Powerful features

Web application:

  • Themeable front-end
  • Video processing
  • Community commenting, favoriting and tagging
  • Simple, RESTful JSON API

Android application:

  • Interface to map photos & videos
  • Display of nearby geo-located videos & photos
  • Sync engine for offline media viewing and capture
  • Simple tools for working with Android content providers
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Open Locast enables rapid deployment of location-based media platforms.

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Locast was born out of a desire by the MIT Mobile Experience Lab to better understand how evolving media technologies could be used to improve connections between people and their social, cultural, and physical spaces. The Open Locast Project itself is a collection of software packages and applications that were developed towards this broad goal.

Open Locast is designed to enable the rapid prototyping and quick deployment of location-based media platforms. It is an open-source project composed of two primary components, a Web application and an Android application which act in unison to provide a platform that can be tailored to fit various user experiences.